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Neighbors in Piscataway came together to found the Piscataway Progressive Democratic Organization (PPDO) after the 2016 Presidential election to fight Donald Trump AND to strengthen our local Democrats’ commitment to open government and the needs of working families and seniors. We proudly work with residents around  Middlesex County, as the Central Jersey Progressive Democrats (CJPD). Together, we can enact an agenda that makes Piscataway work for all of us, not just the connected few.


We have already moved our community forward by:

  • Jump starting the Community Center, which is finally being built after our election challenges

  • Securing the right of residents to record Municipal Council meetings; we post these on Facebook because the Mayor and Council refuse to do it themselves.

  • Expanding election access for women and LGTBQIA candidates, winning a lawsuit to let Democratic Committee candidates run without gender discrimination.

  • Joining the effort to legalize adult cannabis use and end the harmful effects of prohibition. 

  • Organizing vigils against hate and supporting welcoming, inclusive messages for all residents. 

  • Helping to elect a Democratic Governor and expanding NJ’s Democratic presence in Congress. 

  • Supporting statewide efforts to win $15/hour minimum wage and stop a gerrymandered election map.


But there is so much more to do. Together, we can: 


Invest in Our Neighborhoods:

  • Fix our roads & plow ALL of streets

  • Build an affordable Community Center

  • Move forward on the Halper Farm/Open Space 

  • Create a Farmers Market and support local vendors 


Open Piscataway’s Government for All:

  • Broadcast Council meetings

  • Restore Advisory Committees and Commissions so neighbors can share ideas and be heard

  • Hold regular community discussions on important issues, like development and tax breaks

  • Put information and materials online about upcoming Council decisions


Elect New Leaders: 

  • Choose new voices to foster new ideas and bring our diverse neighborhoods together

  • End pay-to-play and self-dealing for political bosses and their corporate donors

  • Hold our elected officials accountable for their actions—or lack of action


Be a Green Community:

  • Enact the Clean Air Piscataway ordinance, a bulk purchase plan for renewable energy 

  • Support the Green New Deal to create new job and training opportunities right here

  • Preserve Open Space and stop over-development 

  • Stop building more trucking depots next to residential neighborhoods!


Fight for Progress/Oppose Trump:

  • Support Medicare for All

  • Oppose collaboration with ICE

  • Lower costs of college tuition and end student debt

  • Support a NJ Millionaire Tax 

  • Elect more women and stand with LGTBQIA residents

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