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We are thrilled to let you know that over 20 independent, progressive Democrats are running for Democratic County Committee to represent our neighbors at the local and county level. Your Democrats for Justice, Transparency and Fairness candidates will be in Column A, at the bottom of your ballot, in many districts. 

We need Committee members who will advocate for our families and our future, not rubber stamp plans to build more warehouses and promote political insiders. Our candidates don’t owe the Mayor or his political machine anything, so we can put the needs of our neighbors, our community and our Party first. 

We are the #ATeam candidates, and we will advocate for you and fight for our shared values. To learn more about our Column A Democratic candidates, view on your district below. (Many Piscataway residents were gerrymandered into new election districts last year. If you aren’t sure what district you are in, you can view the map here or use the state's polling place finder here. This will include your ward and district).

Najma AGHA & Faiza AGHA; Ward 2, District 1
Rachel SY & Eveleana MATTHEWS, Ward 2, District 3
Jessica KRATOVIL & Brian RAK, Ward 2, District 8
Craig AUMACK & Betsy AUMACK, Ward 2, District 9
Laura LEIBOWITZ & Neil J. CAMMARANO, Ward 2, District 11
Sarah J. RADFORD, Ward 3, District 1
Viola STONE, Ward 3, District 2
Shahid I. BUTT, Ward 3, District 3
Josephine PAREDES, Ward 3, District 6
Gina REGISTER & William PASTRAS. Ward 3, District 8
Staci BERGER & Kamuela "Nikki" TILLMAN, Ward 3, District 9
Rita CHANDHOK & Manjeet CHANDHOK, Ward 4, District 1

PPDO members Herb and Laura Tarbous are also running in Ward 1, District 5. They are on the ballot with the slogan, Ranked Choice Voting Builds People Power.

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