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2020 Dems On Your Side Candidates



We are asking for your vote to make Piscataway’s government work for the benefit of all of the people who live here, not for the political insiders. We believe our government should be open and transparent, not conducting business and making deals behind closed doors. We believe that people’s voices should be heard, not shut down when they come to our government with concerns. We believe in tax fairness, not tax breaks for developers and campaign contributors. And we believe in returning the Democratic Party to its roots as the champion of working and middle-class families.

Piscataway Residents Stand for Justice at Community Vigil

The Presence of Justice

Voters Can Set Term Limits

A New Mayor

Hometown Lessons

Why I Am Voting for "Dems on Our Side"

Welcoming Giana With Justice

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Bill Irwin

For Mayor

Kamuela "Nikki" Tillman

For Council

Ralph Johnson

For Council

Laura Leibowitz

For Council

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